Postmodern clowns drive SUVs alone.

First of all, this is always what I imagine drivers of under utilized SUVs or trucks look like, because with the price of gas these days they must be insane to drive those things, and it seems to show in their driving habits as I always see them driving around like… well… CLOWNS!

In the modern era clowns used to be hilarious and friendly and fit 15 to a punch buggy, now they’re viewed as creepy as all get out and evil beyond sanity and always alone creeping around an empty house in which no one seems to ever turn the lights on. Why is that? I’m sure you could come up with a number of suggestions as could I, but these are just the sorts of things we have to deal with in our postmodern age. My simple guess is that it’s a reflection of our societal views and morals. We’ve moved away from the community and focus on the selfish advancement of ourselves without too much concern for the greater community. Well a psycho clown couldn’t give two shakes of a lambs tail about anyone else because he’s apparently seriously deranged and rips out people’s eyeballs and has razor sharp teeth and a tongue longer than Gene Simmons on a good day. And you know what? I think that’s a pretty good metaphor for what we’ve become as a society of individuals who drive alone.

~Simple Statements