How to Relax Tip #1: Turn your cell phone off for 1 hour every day.

By: ImJeffHanson

May 15 2012

Category: Uncategorized

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When was the last time you turned your cell phone off on purpose? I’ll bet it wasn’t even in a movie when they politely ask you to do so. You know the strange feeling you get when you forget your phone at home, or you lose your phone? It’s frightening yes, but it is also liberating. Now imagine you had the ability to feel that liberty without the fear.

Guess what?

You can. Just turn your cell phone off for an hour every day. Then the only people you can interact with are those directly around you. It could be friends, it could be co-workers, could be family, could be no body! But for that one hour every day life becomes profoundly simple.

~Simple Statements


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