The men, movie, and money fade into black.

Okay first of all, is this Men in Black or some remake of the Matrix? To me this ad campaign seems to suggest the latter. Second, this film is suggested to have cost over $375,000,000. The original film supposedly cost less than $100,000,000, granted the special effects are supposedly much more extravagant in this film it does not live up to the original plot or  novelty of the idea of the original film. Giant studios seem to think that the more money they throw at a film the more they’ll get in return, but they are not spending their money wisely. Special effects are one thing, so is the whole 3D phenomenon. I have news for you though… they are spectacles, nothing more. I might spend an additional $5 to see a film in 3D as opposed to 2D once in a blue moon, but now I am finding myself hard pressed to see movies in anything BUT 3D. What gives, you money grabbing eye-ruining jerks? I just want to enjoy the movie without having a migraine afterwards!

Anyways, the people know what they want and what they don’t want and it’s starting to show through box office sales. Mega movies like Disney’s John Carter and Hasbro’s Battleship were flops. And if the reviews are right Men in Black 3 won’t do so well either. Maybe studios should go back to producing original screenplays, you know, instead of forced sequels, book adaptations,  and now board game adaptations.

(Note: Robot Chicken made fun of terrible movies YEARS ago stating how ridiculous it would be if studios got so desperate they turned to board games. Check it.)

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3 comments on “The men, movie, and money fade into black.”

  1. I too am getting sick of 3D; it’s really become a gimmick. Totally agree with your comment that studios need to start producing their own, original content. Isn’t that what screenwriters are for? Great post 🙂

    • Thanks, man! Yeah I took this screen writing class at university and the most recent movie we watched was from the 1990s, so it seems screen writers are being suppressed by the studios… either that or the studios are just hiring screen writers who do as they say…

  2. You’re welcome 🙂 either way, we really need some originality in cinema. At the moment, it seems like art house is the best kind of cinema around…

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