D.D. doesn’t just mean designated driver…

Designated Driver, Drunk Driver and now Distracted Driver can all be symbolized by DD. Sure alliteration is catchy and makes a phrase sound cool, but when they mean such drastically different things, dare I say OPPOSITE things it seems counter productive. Organizations like MADD could stand for “Mothers against Designated Driving” which is the opposite of what they are, but who can really say what the DD in MADD stands for without looking into it farther? Okay, MADD is a fairly well established group and most people know already, but it just fit my example so perfectly!

Side note: DD could also be mistaken for a rather noteworthy breast size… Mothers against Big Breasts? MABB? Ha, Words.

~Simple Statements


(Photo Cred: http://riotcampus.wordpress.com/ )


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