Be wary of your plastic face, it might melt in the sun.

Sometimes it seems like people are afraid to go outside, even when it’s nice out. Windows in office buildings don’t even open anymore! They say it’s because they don’t want people jumping out them (because they hate their jobs so much), but I think the real reason is because we are trying to isolate ourselves from nature. Did you know that asthma along with a number of other inconvenient ailments are often caused by a lack of exposure to fresh air? I’m no doctor, but I learned that in an Urban Social Geography class last year. We spend (on average) less than 5% of our lives outside! LESS THAN 5%!!!!

I think we all need a reality check, a nature check, a wilderness check, and get back in touch with our roots (pun definitely intended).

~ Simple Statements

(photo cred: Shinybinary)


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